Public Works Technician Training

Public Works Technician Training Projects is a 17-week Project Based Labour Market Training Program (PBLMT). Participants will receive training and work experience in occupational skills related to public works, working safely, use of tool and equipment, environmental best practices as well as maintaining skills related to public works.

Participants will learn how to repair roads and sidewalks, water systems, sanitary and storm sewer systems, building maintenance, parks and recreation facilities and fire protection systems.

Essential skills specifically related to public works will be embedded throughout the training along with life skills. Upon completion of the training and work experience, participants will be registered as Provisional Public Works Technicians, by ASTTBC and will be supported towards full certification towards after one year of supervised public works employment that evidences their competency in all core public works competencies as well as in at least one speciality field.

Western Business Network, Meshroad Marketing, Vancouver


  • Currently receiving Employment Insurance (EI) benefits or Reachback, have had a EI Benefit within the previous 60 months or have earned more than $2000 in insurable earnings and have paid Employee EI premiums on those earnings in at least 5 of the last 10 years (Note: the 5 years do not have to consecutive years)

  • Must be PR, Citizen or Protected Refugee (with court's years)

  • LINC Level 5 and Up


  • EI Up to $300 Weekly Living Allowance

  • Transportation Support

  • Access to Tool and Work Gear


  • ASTTBC Certification: Registered Provisional Technician

  • Occupational First Aid Level 1

  • Transportation Endorsement Training

  • Road Builders Safety Training Systems

  • Workplace Safety


  • Confined Spaces

  • Fall Protection - Ladder Safety

  • Excavation, Trenching and Shoring Safety

  • Traffic Control Person (TCP/ Flagger)


Cohort 3: March 29, 2021 - July 16, 2021

General Requirements for the Program

Client must EITHER currently

Have a claim for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits

Have EI reachback benefits that ended within the previous 60 months


Who have EARNED more than $2000 in insurable earnings and paid employee EI premiums on those earnings in at least 5 of the last 10 years

(Note: the 5 years do not have to be consecutive years)


Must be PR, Citizen, Protected Refugee (with court’s decision)

Clients can find this information on their past T4 slips Box 24

Contact Service Canada 1-800-206-7218 from 8:30am - 4:30pm

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